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2021-12-01 DND receives CES Board Recognition
2021-11-29 Message for Bonifacio Day
2021-11-25 Statement on the Government Defence Integrity Index 2020
2021-11-17 Housing units awarded to 57 former rebels in DavNor
2021-11-15 Statement of the SND on LtGen Parlade
2021-11-12 Statement of TFBL Chair and EAP Cluster Head on the reduction of the proposed budget for NTF-ELCAC
2021-11-12 Statement on the change of command in the AFP
2021-11-11 Statement of the SND on BDP, NTF-ELCAC
2021-11-11 SND meets Polish Defense officials Secretary of National Defense
2021-11-05 DND, CNI of Spain ink Protection of Classified Information in the Field of Defence agreement
2021-11-02 Reintegration task force chair calls on rebels to surrender amid weakening of terror groups
2021-11-02 Virtual Meeting between SND, Indonesian MoD
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