SND statement on a report of alleged human waste and sewage dumped in the South China Sea
13 July 2021
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     We have taken note of the news circulating online about the alleged dumping of wastes in the South China Sea. However, the photo of a ship seen dumping waste accompanying the report was found to have been taken in the Australian Great Barrier Reef in 2014. Therefore, this intent to mislead has cast great doubt on the accurateness of the Simularity Report. 

     We also question the conclusion reached by Simularity from just looking at satellite photos. 

     Be that as it may I have directed the Western Command who has jurisdiction over the WPS to verify and investigate. 

     While we are confirming and verifying these wastes being dumped in the WPS, we consider such irresponsible acts, if true, to be gravely detrimental to the marine ecology in the area. Despite conflicting claims and interests by states in the South China Sea, all nations must be responsible stewards of our natural resources and environment. 



Delfin N. Lorenzana
Department of National Defense