Statement on the deaths of Keith and Nolven Absalon in Masbate
09 June 2021
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     The Department of National Defense strongly condemns the violence and senseless killing of Keith and Nolven Absalon in Masbate perpetrated through the use of anti-personnel mines by the CPP-NPA.

     This tragedy is not caused by a mere "tactical error" as they claim. The use of these anti-personnel mines that killed the Absalon cousins is actually a matter of procedure for these terrorists who are bent on inflicting death and damage to lives and property. The CPP-NPA's persistent use of landmines is a clear violation of International Humanitarian Law. It is also undeniable proof of the communist terrorist group's (CTG’s) utter disregard for the safety of innocent civilians.

     It is abhorrent that after taking responsibility for the deaths of Keith and Nolven Absalon, the CPP-NPA has the gall to pretend that they will conduct their own internal investigation, which, in reality, will never result in any kind of justice for the bereaved families.

     Such arrogance further compounds the crimes of this communist terrorist group against the Filipino people, which the leadership of the CPP-NPA-NDF must answer for.

     In all the decades of the CTG's existence, the deaths of the Absalon cousins are, unfortunately, just two cases in the long list of crimes committed by the CPP-NPA. We, therefore, call on the Filipino people to unite and condemn the atrocities, and reject the flawed ideology touted by this communist terrorist group.


Director Arsenio R. Andolong
Department of National Defense