Statement of the SND on March 6, 2024
Wed | March 06, 2024

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     The propaganda mechanisms of the PRC once again attempt to justify their illegal acts against Philippine vessels on their so-called “indisputable” claim over most of the South China Sea. They take great pains to mischaracterize their provocations as lawful under international law and the actions of their CCG and Maritime Militia as “professional, restrained, reasonable, and lawful.” This claim is, simply put, one that no right-thinking State in the world agrees with and which many outright condemn. The PRC’s vain attempt to manufacture and sell this story falters in the face of real incontrovertible facts.

    The acts of the PRC’s agents in the West Philippine Sea are patently illegal and downright uncivilized.

    We urge the PRC to be truthful and to be believable.



   Gilberto C. Teodoro, Jr.
Department of National Defense