Statement of the SND dated May 5, 2024
Sun | May 05, 2024

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I would like to clearly state that any insinuation that the Department of National Defense is a party to any "new model" is a devious machination of China through their Embassy in Manila, and it is curious that it comes right after their actions were condemned in the recent SQUAD meeting in Honolulu, Hawaii.

I reiterate that I have disallowed any contact between the DND and the Chinese Embassy since the courtesy call of Ambassador Huang Xilian, a few days after I assumed office in July of last year. During the said courtesy call, there was no discussion or briefing on any "gentleman's agreement" or "new model", which is contrary to the Chinese Embassy's pronouncements.

This charade must stop.

I am issuing this statement to generate awareness on this clear attempt by China to advance another falsehood in order to divide our people and distract us from their unlawful presence and actions in our EEZ.

We advise our citizens, the media, and the international community to beware of China's methods of manipulation, interference, and malign influence in furthering its own interests.



Gilberto C. Teodoro, Jr.
Department of National Defense